The Revolution

What a welcome diversion.


Prince and the Revolution…what will they play?

Is this going to be a classic album for album concert or something more creative?  How cool would it be to hear Purple Rain through Parade?  Song by song, moment by moment.  It would be a wonderful tribute to Prince.  But what about a greatest hits of Prince and the Revolution?  Which would you like to see?

How about a narrated concert?  Alan Leeds to one side talking you through the sequencing of the songs, background stories and indulgences around B-sides and extended versions.  The possibilities are endless.  What about including The Family and some of The Time and Sheila E’s music into the show?

It is terrific that these five have decided to come together to perform and celebrate their creative life with Prince.  Bearing in mind who they are and the strength of their personalities, this announcement was pretty inevitable given the news of Prince’s death.  For all the differences, they’re a pretty tight unit and, I believe, appreciate their place in the pantheon of pop.

I’m sat now picturing what the show will look like… Initially I see a purple hue and a tight five piece ripping through the majority of Purple Rain.  Then I see a more psychedelic palette taking over.  A few strings to see out Purple Rain and then a horn or two ushering us across Paisley Park’s threshold.  Then a blow out… another guitarist and a few dancers, maybe a percussionist, to herald the Parade; primary colours, bold and daring.  When Wendy and Lisa sang of balloons I know they weren’t referring the Cobo Arena, June 7th 1986 performance…they may as well have been… what a celebration.

And the next question; where do they draw the line?  Lisa, Fink, Bobby performed on the earlier albums…1999 was credited to Prince AND the Revolution…do we get songs from these albums too?  Do we hear 1999, Head, Dirty Mind, Little Red Corvette, Possessed, Irresistible Bitch, Sexuality…do we hear the B-sides…17 Days, Erotic City, Another Lonely Christmas?  Do we hear It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night?  How far forward do they go?  Do we hear the Dream Factory music they worked on?  Do we hear All My Dreams?  Oh my…to hear that?  To hear The Revolution’s take on Alphabet Street, 7, Black Sweat, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, The Work, The Morning Papers, Gett Off, Cream, Partyman, Thieves In The Temple…Strange Relationship, Sign O The Times, If I Was Your Girlfriend…In This Bed I Scream… in all my dreams.

These concerts are going to be immense.  Incredible.  The last concert they did was a beautiful mixture of music and mirth.  These amazing people are performers fully aware of the weight they’re now carrying and they will deliver the most fitting tribute to their erstwhile band-leader.  I’m in awe of their ability and wait in wonder to see what form the tribute takes.

“Let’s go…”

“Yeah.  Let’s get ’em…”


One comment

  1. Patricia A. · April 27, 2016

    Oh PLEASE come to the SF/Bay Area… WE are waiting the date to get OUR tickets.


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