Not Even A Politician’s Apology

He is good.  He continues to be good.  Labour look a little amateurish at the moment but, above all else, Key looks good.  A great strategist, you see.  Yesterday, I got so carried away I forgot to say why he was such a smooth operator…he must have Sade looking coyly at him all night!

John Key, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, is now framing this “stoush” – what a word – with him as victim.  Beautiful.  With the aid of the media, the Prime Minister of New Zealand is able to get away with labelling his opposition as supporters of rapists, child molesters and murderers.  For a while, I couldn’t quite get my head around what was occurring.  It seemed a simple matter of fact that the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, had behaved atrociously in parliament; had spoken in a way to offend not only reasoned debate but in an ad hominem manner we school our junior debaters not to do, and should apologise.  He needn’t apologise for feeling angry regarding the position the opposition were taking, but he should apologise for the undignified and malignant way he labelled those who disagreed with him and were challenging him on this issue.  Malignant?  Yes, because it sticks you see.  This soundbite will come back again and again, courtesy of the media, to pummel and traduce the Labour Party and its supporters.  That’s how the game is played.  That’s how smart John Key, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, is.  Smart?  All right; manipulative, dishonest, conniving, Machiavellian.

Meanwhile, Labour are treading water.  Andrew Little spoke eloquently in parliament today about the manner of the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key.  There was fire in the belly.  For moments he sounded like a Left-Wing Firebrand… for moments.  That was until, of course, you realised a couple of things.  He had been out-manoeuvred by the Right.  This argument, this speech should have come 24 hours earlier.  It would have sounded more authentic as the Members of Parliament walked out or were asked to leave by the Speaker – shame on you still for “not hearing”, shame – and would have been a rallying point for those appalled at the government’s actions and policies regarding the detainees awaiting deportation.  It was not to be.  Today, Andrew Little played out his speech to an empty chamber.  It was not empty because of moral or ethical standpoint or action.  It was empty because the National Members, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, included, had not bothered to attend debate.  Andrew Little blew his wind and crack’d his cheeks and no one was there.

There has been a fair bit of morose staring at the carpet during the typing of this blog.  It pains me to write in this way about the Labour Party.  Today, Andrew Little looked a leader – and no one saw him.  If you go to the website, you cannot find his speech.  There is nothing of his attack on National to be seen; rather there is an editorial stating that he is not the man to lead Labour out of the wilderness.  He might very well be the man to get Labour back in government but we don’t know.  Why don’t we know?  In my opinion, there are three reasons:

  1. The media in New Zealand are enjoying the free-market and so they are not going to overly favour a Labour government.
  2. Enjoying the freedom of the press, the National Party set an agenda that allows fair and balanced coverage on matters that are, ultimately, without worth, nominally giving the appearance of a democracy, and;
  3. Labour keep getting sucked into playing the game.

Right now (about 10pm 12th Nov), has John Key being the victim and not apologising on it’s lead news page and it’s political page.  The Labour editorial, mentioned above, is scathing and hidden at the bottom of the scroll. has little mention of politics on its front page other than a story: “‘Abuse hurled at PM'” – (oh and a story about Novopay having to send out debt collectors to teachers to reclaim over-payment…nice (greedy, nasty teachers…greedy, holiday-hogging, nasty, greedy, pay-wanting teachers…who had their pay screwed up for them by the Government and Novopay but who are now the criminals here..nasty, greedy, leeching teachers with all their holidays!)).  No – you have to scroll down to the politics section to see Andrew Little described as ‘limp-wristed”in an editorial that has now – as I come to proofread this piece this editorial been dropped from the front page of the Herald website.  Fair and Balanced.  Thank god for the Dominion Post – curiously, hosted by  Their website has as its first political story, as of the now – John Key (Prime Minister of New Zealand) should not defend the Australian policy toward the NZ detainees, he should fight it.  Go The DP!  It is, of course, down a scroll or two…but it is there.  Fair and Balanced.  Thankfully, the balance is there… a further editorial on the Post’s website states that Andrew Little cannot excite the electorate.  So there we are… a rude poll, but one that indicates a 6:1 bias in favour of the National Party.  Labour are being screwed at the press.

Knowing the press won’t go after him, the Prime Minister of New Zealand – John Key – can lead policies he knows will go unchallenged and unchecked.  He knows he is going to get all the positive coverage he likes, whether that’s jokey pictures of his changing room antics with the All Blacks or fun and frolics with a breakfast radio show.  John Key, the PRIME MINISTER OF NEW ZEALAND, is operating in a manner of a man with some sort of sinecure cum privileged position usually associated only with the public school proliferation of PMs and Cabinet Ministers in Britain.  This hasn’t gone unnoticed.  The political discourse in New Zealand has been skewed by a lazily centre-right media.  John Key, the New Zealand Prime Minister, is routinely given an easy ride.  I now hear the Hoskyns and the Henrys scoff, but they know they scoff up their sleeves.  If John Key was Prime Minister of New Zealand, there would not be a housing crisis; there would not be the handing over of assets to business; there would not be the undermining of workers’ rights through free-trade agreements with much larger and aggressive economies; there would not be the undermining of much of the public sector through a mismatching of inflation and rates of pay.  If he was Prime Minister…but he isn’t.  John Key is CEO of NZ Inc.  That’s how he sees it.

And Labour allow it to be the status quo.  They should learn to disrupt the status quo.  Andrew Little should refuse to speak with the media.  He should not play their game.  He has at his disposal the means to reach the public and the means to make the public manage the media for him.  Andrew Little should speak to the policies that would redress the balance and make New Zealand the country it should be.  This country has at its heart the can-do attitude – many mistake that for being a conservative attitude.  They are wrong.  This can-do attitude is one of community.  It is an attitude that ensures that “she’ll be right”…right for everyone.  New Zealanders are neighbours, are friends and are a country of four million that looks out for their mates.  I have been lucky enough to live here for ten years.  I am still astonished each day at the communal attitude and the union of this country’s people.  Labour need to realise that the groundswell is there.  We know we deserve better than this National government.  Stop playing their game, start speaking with us as a nation.  Give New Zealand a government again, instead of the Board of Directors and CEO we have as of the now.


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