Sex offender cheerleaders!

John Key.  Brilliant.  What a strategist.

New Zealand is a funny country.  To all intents and purposes it appears to be a first world kind of place, but now and then the cracks show and we see the long white cloud for all it really is.  New Year’s Eve – a case in point – come midnight, the phone lines are overwhelmed.  Public transport – a country founded at the height of Victorian innovation and invention has no train service.  Double glazing…I could go on.  I shan’t.  What I did think New Zealand had was a handle on was how parliaments should work.  Sadly, that may not be the case.

For all the trumpeting of being the first country to give women the vote, yesterday, at the Beehive, saw women revolt at the words of the Prime Minister of this country.

Yesterday, John Key, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, accused his opposition of siding with rapists, child molesters and murderers.  Yesterday, the Prime Minister of New Zealand stated that his opposition were more interested in the rights of rapists, child molesters and murderers than they were in protecting the population of the country who currently reside on the shores of the long white cloud.  Yesterday, John Key, the Prime Minister of New Zealand so horribly misled the public in what he said and has not apologised for the manner in which he has manipulated a subject for immediate and medium-term political gain, whilst he actually begins to comprehend the situation his government is actually in. revealed the figures of New Zealanders being held by Australia for deportation thus.  There are, indeed, a number of New Zealanders accused of/on record for heinous crimes, rape and violence included.  There are, of course, a number of New Zealanders on this list who are not.  Irrespective of the stats, they are New Zealanders, they are being held by a foreign country in conditions that are unspeakable and New Zealand should be taking responsibility for them.  If they are guilty of a crime let them serve their sentence here.  If they are not guilty of a crime then shame on Australia for treating them this way and shame on John Key and his government for doing nothing to support citizens of this country as they sit, abandoned and rotting, bereft of hope and assistance from home.

Beyond this, of course, is the casual, caustic, callous manner in which John Key is happy to play politics with these peoples’ lives.  Forget the piffling ideas above – the phone line thing is an irritation; the train service, I understand the infrastructure is there but not the demand…small population, long lines…fair enough. But what about the housing?  What about the state of the council housing in this country?  Why should the most impoverished of the nation live in such conditions?  Why has this nation state not made it its priority to have working families living in working homes?  Further, the news today that the EPA is now going to run by government appointees is further sign that the thin edge of the wedge is very much in vogue.

Lobbyists are celebrating the fact that the government will now appoint those to oversee the way in which New Zealand looks after its environment.  I wonder if those lobbyists were those from environmental organisations or those from business?  You know what, I’m not even going to bother looking that up.  EDUCANZ – let’s take the teachers out of teaching.  Again, government appointees to a council that will oversee a profession…no need for which is a history in or experience of teaching a prerequisite.  Careful nurses…police…they’re coming for you next.  Now we have the arrival of Quantas/Amercian Airlines in Auckland.  Yes, finally a cheap flight, but at what cost?  To make Air New Zealand a viable asset again perhaps we need to ensure it becomes not a national one?  Perhaps sell it off?  Like other national assets are being sold off too.  The TPP will further see rights and conditions of employment undermined in the name of industry.  John Key doesn’t see this as a premiership.  He sees this as a business opportunity.

Finally we are seeing through the long white cloud he uses to shroud his practice.  it isn’t a cloud; it’s smoke – smoke and mirrors.  He has the appearance of the Prime Minister but is actual fact a businessman.  His toadying to the All Blacks a shameless and shameful manifestation of the real side of John Key.  Remember how quickly he wanted to lay hands on Richie the first time they won it?  This time he even managed to get into the dressing room a few times before the final just in case.  Had to be first to be seen.

The stand made by members of parliament today is to be applauded.  At this time, New Zealand is being run along the lines of Milton Friedman and his University of Chicago theories.  Key’s laissez-faire liberalism relies on the trickle down effect – one that we know doesn’t work.  He has to realise that eventually people will realise the cloud is smoke, and where there’s smoke there’s fire.  Every year Kiwis drive past signposts that indicate just how flammable the countryside is.  John Key would do well to pay attention to these signs.  His term in office may soon be over, this country’s term has yet to be served.  It would be nice of him to not leave it aflame as he departs.


Oh – an afterthought – shame on the speaker for “not hearing” the Prime Minister of New Zealand state that his opposition were supporters of rapists, child molesters and murderers.  Shame on you.


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